8 years of Fun-n-Learn TIC Summer Camps

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This one-of-its-kind Summer Camp provides a fast-paced personality enrichment for your child along with being a quality time-utilizer. In this Camp, the following 8 themes are being covered apart from the Swimming Pool Party, McD’s Camp-end Party & Dominos Educational Tour :

  • Team Building & Leadership Skills: These essential skills are needed to excel in life.
  •  IQ Boosters: Intellectual development at its best. Brain training to make your kids smarter.
  • Freestyle Choreographed Dance: Not only required for fitness but a skill that keeps kids active.
  •  Personality Development: Personal development for your kids to make them more presentable.
  • Camp Fun & Non-fire cooking: Enjoyable & Learning games, Sc Magic & Non-fire Cooking.
  • Theatre & Storytelling Sessions: Develop expressions in your child & eliminate stage fear.
  •  POP & Puppet Art: Art & craft using POP & other 3D Art enhances the creativity of children.
  •  Communication Skills: Spoken English is the need of the hour for every child.

Around 50 different activities being covered over a 5- week long time period.

McD’s educational tour, Domino’s baking sessions: McD’s tours are so much fun. Children eat and learn how to make burgers. And get an inside view of their kitchens. Kids experience the entire process of Pizza making. From dough making to spreading cheese and putting in the oven and all the way to kid’s stomach.

A cool swimming pool party: Swimming pool party to beat the heat in these summers is essential… And kids enjoy in water too. We are organizing such summer camps since 2010

One of the best summer camp in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali. Come and join the Enthusiasm!


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